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Westword Writes About High Level Health’s Rocky Flats Strain

We caught the attention of local magazine Westword with our strain Rocky Flats and they reached out to interview members of our team about the strain and what it means to us. 


In an article titled “Denver Dispensary Names Weed Strain After Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant”, Westword writer Nina Petrovic delves into our new strain and the Rocky Flats Downwinders group. She got in touch with Tiffany Hansen, director of Rocky Flats Downwinders and part of our cultivation team, along with High Level Health Owner, Jim Rice. 


Check out some excerpts below or read the full Westword article here to learn more about the Rocky Flats Nuclear Site, the Rocky Flats Downwinders, and our Rocky Flats Strain


For High Level, the pairing aligned with its goal of creating strains with a medical focus. “Since we come from a medical-patient background, we focus on what we can do to help patients,” says High Level owner Jim Rice. “We’ve always had a patient-centric focus, and creating the Rocky Flats strain shows that.”


“While CBD strains are not in high demand because so many other CBD products have hit the market, High Level still chooses to grow them for patients who need it,” Rice says. And for those living near Rocky Flats, the strain seems to be particularly beneficial. “The strain has all the cannabinoids in it, and it’s known that CBD has a lot of health effects,” explains Hansen. “The goal was to create a strain that focuses on alleviating those symptoms people can have from living near Rocky Flats.”


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