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Unique Grow Process

Unique Cannabis Grow Process

A main driving force behind our growing style is health derived ethics. We have developed a top-notch soilless growth process which includes the very best organic nutrients available. In the cannabis industry, like other industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and even beauty, the word organic is not accepted. We use the term “natural” to showcase the best methods, replicating how cannabis grows in nature. Each plant is carefully hand watered and inspected daily for quality and health. We strive to get a non-pesticide run and if infestations do occur, we use only organic pesticides.

Throughout our drying process, we monitor for temperature, humidity, yeast & mold. We also employ UV air cleaners to ensure that the product is clean and healthy. This stage of production lasts 2-3 weeks. After the cannabis has dried, we cure it for another two weeks in jars. At High Level Health we have 4 grow facilities in Colorado and are working on expanding to other states. The members of our grow team were selected because of their passion for the cannabis plant, health, and sustainability.

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