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The 5 Best Places to Smoke in Denver

Aside from smoking marijuana or consuming concentrates in the privacy of your own home, there are many places you can smoke or ingest medical and recreational cannabis products legally. At High Level Health, we have created a quick guide to the places that you can legally consume cannabis so that you can use your products with peace of mind.

Friend’s House

Smoking with your friends is hands down more fun than smoking by yourself, and being that your friend’s house is private property you can both smoke there legally. There really is no better place to enjoy a new bong or dab rig than at a friend’s house.

Private Social Clubs

With the with the legalization of recreational cannabis many private social clubs are popping up around Colorado. These clubs require a membership fee and monthly or annual dues to be allowed inside. However, because it is a private club, it is legal for members to consume cannabis on the property. One of these private social clubs, iBake Denver is the first recreational cannabis club of its kind in the United States. These clubs usually have their own dab rigs and water pipes and other accessories so you can enjoy smoking your favorite flower from your favorite Denver dispensary.

Bring Your Own (BYO) Coffee Shops and Lounges

Many coffee shops and lounges now allow patrons to bring their own marijuana products and allow smoking on their property in a separate area, outside, or inside the facility. This is up to the owner, so check with management before lighting up. The Coffee Joint is Denver’s first licensed cannabis consumption club and coffee shop. They offer edibles, papers, pipes, snacks, beverages, and other CBD products. However, because of Colorado’s Clean Air Act, open flames and smoking are not allowed on the property. This includes bowls, blunts, bongs, etc.

Private Event Spaces

Many art galleries and event spaces now legally allow cannabis consumption during certain events, usually in a private outdoor area at the venue. Many event spaces in Colorado have opened up to allow recreational marijuana. You can find clarification regarding smoking rules on the event space’s website or their press release. Never assume the regulations because it is best to check before risking fines, citations, and possibly being kicked out of the event.

Businesses and events in Colorado are allowing the consumption of cannabis. As the industry grows in popularity, it is safe to assume that more events, activities and businesses will adapt to the legalization of cannabis in our great state. Visit a quality Colorado dispensary like High Level Health on Colfax or Lincoln today for the right products. We have the most awarded medial and recreational cannabis and best concentrates, edibles and more in the entire state of Colorado!

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