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Wedding Cake – Gold Label

Strain Description: The Wedding Cake is a perfect marriage of fruity, creamy, and cookie layers. This Indica-dominant hybrid has taken the US by storm. The strain that was originally created by Seed Junky Genetics has made its way from L.A. California across the entire US and beyond. The legendary “Cookies” strain (Durban Poison x OG Kush) and Cherry Pie. There are some discrepancies in the actual cross of the strain as Seed Junky Genetics has stated that the strain was actually a cross on their Triangle Kush Mints, which is essentially the OG Kush used in the genetics. Either way, the cut that High Level Health has obtained and grown is a powerful, yet balanced Indica hybrid.

The terpene profile is “Cookie” Heavy although there is a heavy layer of cream that creates a very balanced and smooth smoking experience that mends together the subtleties of the cookie flavor along with the smooth OG flavor. The effects of the strain are very balanced and uplifting which is great for activity or relaxation, making it a very versatile strain.

Tea Pairing: Blue Twilight
The Blue Twilight is a noncaffeinated herbal tea that brings the creamy layers out of the Wedding Cake and further balances or accentuates the already creamy and cookie notes. Because this tea is noncaffeinated, it makes this a great pairing to end a busy work day and or a pre-bedtime pairing to further help in relaxation and sleep. Again, because these strains effects are so versatile, it is also a great pairing for any relaxing experience you are looking to create.

Food Pairing: Vanilla Ice Cream / Cookies / Vanilla Cake
The creamy notes in the Wedding Cake warrant a pairing that encapsulates the creamy terpenes and will bring out more cookie flavors.

Music Recommendation:
Artist: Alabama Shakes
Song: Hold On

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