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Runtz – Gold Label

Strain: Zkittlez x Gelato
Breeder: Unknown

Strain Description: The Runtz has taken the US by storm in the last 2 years. Originating from Los Angeles growers and becoming popular through the Berners Cookie brand has blown up and has become a staple as “exotic genetics.” Although very popular, High Level Health has proven that the Runtz produced by the company has risen above all other Runtz in the market winning the 2021 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup First Place Indica. The phenotype is more specifically the “Pink Runtz ” as this cut is more Zkittlez dominant and provides a sweeter and creamer smoking experience brought to full light by High Level Health Natural growing processes and award-winning growing processes.

Tea Pairing: Candied Pistachio Pu’erh
Tea Pairing Description: This pairing will blow your mind! We selected this Candied Pistachio Pu’erh tea because of its lack of an upfront dominant flavor and creamy and nutty back end to the tea’s finish that balances out the Runtz’s very upfront berry and lemon profile. The magic happens as you will experience true balance as the upfront berry and lemon flavors from the strain combine perfectly with the nuttiness and creaminess of the tea. Also, Pu’erh tea is high in caffeine and has gone through a fermentation process which further contrasts the balance of the Runtz’s THC effects.

Pastry Paring: Cinnamon Roll
Pastry Pairing Description: A classic dessert in a Cinnamon Roll is executed by one of Denver’s best bakers that were paired to accentuate the balancing act between the Runtz’s berry lemon flavors with the nutty creaminess of the Candied Pistachio Pu’erh tea. The Cinnamon is a perfect marriage between the contrasting and balancing of the strain and tea pairing allowing another layer of cinnamon, sweetness, and baked goodness to create a very special pairing experience.

Music Artist Pairing: Hula Hounds

Music Pairing Song: Sweater Weather

Song: Sweater Weather

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