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Rainbow Diesel – Gold Label

Strain: Soma Diesel Bx x Original Diesel (Clone Only) 

Breeder: Seed is Art (Chaz Kobayashi) 

Strain Writeup: The Rainbow Diesel was bred by the COO of High Level Health through Seed is Art Genetics Company. This strain is an homage to early 2000’s diesel genetics that was found across the islands and sought after by all cannabis connoisseurs on the Hawaiian islands.  Its name was simply “The Diesels”. After the strain disappeared in the last 10 years this project was created to rediscover the “The Diesels” 

 Rainbow Diesel is a Sativa dominant cultivar that grows as a large plant with medium-density buds that are covered in trichomes. The plant finishes with beautiful rainbow colors with hues of purple, mahogany, yellows, and pinks. It smells of subtle yet balanced flavors of upfront grapefruit followed by layers of cinnamon, lemon, hops, and earth. When cured the subtle balance becomes a work of art with layers of flavors that can be enjoyed time after time. 

 The most outstanding feature of this strain is its effects. It has been reported and selected because of its ability to create a “happy” high that is very balanced making it a Sativa that doesn’t come with the racy anxious feelings that a lot of Sativas cultivars promote. This is a great strain for creativity and functionality best used to dive deep into your crafts or hobbies. 


Tea Pairing: Cranberry Coconut  White Tea 

Tea Pairing Description: The Rainbow Diesel turned out to be one of the toughest strains used from the Gold Label lineup to pair with because of its subtle and delicate profile. Because of the delicate upfront grapefruit, we wanted to accentuate it instead of contrasting the grapefruit flavor. We choose the Cranberry Coconut White Tea because of the very delicate coconut essence on the front end of the tea’s flavor profile followed by even more subtle hints of cranberry, sours, and sweetness which allows the rest of the Rainbows Diesel’s sour and earthy flavors to come through. This pairing will bring you to the Hawaiian islands for a cannabis experience that is bright and cheerful!


Pastry Pairing: Coconut Macaroon 

Pastry Pairing Description: The delicious Macaroon from City Cafe is created by one of Denver’s best bakers to further accentuate the delicate profiles of the Rainbow Diesel and the tea pairing. The Coconut from the Macaroon is subtle and matches the softness of the coconut in the Coconut Cranberry White Tea all with efforts to not overtake any of the delicate flavor profiles from any of the pairings. Instead, this is a beautiful symphony of delicate balance! 


Music Pairing Artist: Hula Hound

Music Pairing: Spanish Fly

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