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Koffee Roasted Haze – Gold Label

Strain: Ghost Train Koffee x Ghost Train Haze ( High Level Cut) 

Breeder: Seed is Art 


Strain Description: The Koffee Roasted Haze is a backcross from the Kaya Genetics Ghost Train Koffee strain on our very own Ghost Train Haze found at High level Health. This backcross has brought out an even sharper haze expression that has a subtle coffee and earthiness on the exhale. This is a Sativa and Haze lover’s dream strain because it gives an electric haze Sativa flavor and effect that is clear, clean, and powerful high you are expecting from a great Sativa strain. The buds are coated with sticky trichomes and will fill a room with fresh lemon electricity. 


Tea Pairing: Mango Mate 

Tea Pairing Description: The sharpness of the Koffee Roasted Hazes upfront lemon haze flavors were difficult to find a tea that would not be overtaken by the dominant limonene terpenes in the strain profile. So we matched a Mango Mate tea that has a sharp upfront mango fruitiness with the earthiness that carries along the earth and coffee hints from the back end of the Koffee roasted Hazes Profile. With high caffeine from the Mate tea and a blast of antioxidants and nutrients is an even better addition to this pairing making this an amazing morning pairing to get you lifted and coasting along your day on a cloud of flavors and creativity. 


Pastry Pairing: Lemon Coconut Bar 

Pastry Pairing Description: Another unique pairing that is a sophisticated match and balancing act between the upfront lemon haze essence from the Koffee Roasted Haze profile and accentuating the earthy coffee flavors from the end of the profile utilizing the coconut delicate flavor profile to make sure not to overbear the subtleness of the coffee essences. 


Music Artist Pairing: Hula Hounds 

Song: Net Fish & Krill

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