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Cookie Monster – Gold Label

Cookie Monster 


Strain: Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush 

Breeder: High Level Health 


Strain Writeup: The Cookie Monster is a favorite at High level Health winning the 2021 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup First Place Indica. This strain is any Cookie lover’s dream with an upfront cookie flavor with hints of fruitiness and earthy spice. This plant has large nugs with hues of purple while nearing harvest. The high is strong yet balanced and have had reports stating that there are pain relief benefits that are found while consuming this strain. This is a must for any OG or Cookie fan. 


Tea Pairing: Caramel Toffee Oolong 

Tea Pairing Description: This was a very fun pairing. The goal was to contrast some of the flavor profile behind the initial cookie flavor of the strain allowing a pure “freshly baked cookie” flavor to emerge from the strain. When combining this pairing you will experience the ultimate cookie cannabis flavor! 


Pastry Pairing: Magic Bar

Pastry Pairing Description: This Pairing wouldn’t be complete without accentuating the Cookie flavor even more! The collaboration with the Baking Artist at City Cafe brought together a Magic Bar that provides a deeper experience into the cookie flavor but also adds some crunchy textures from the bar and coconut flakes… and of course chocolate. 


Music artist Pairing: Hula Hound 

Song Pairing: Been Here Before

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