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Strain Spotlight: Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant cannabis hybrid that has won several awards. In an attempt to get buds to market quickly, popular genetics rarely withstand the test of time due to sloppy growing. Amnesia Haze is not one of those strains. Amnesia Haze is a cannabis strain that performs so well that it has earned respect and reverence from growers around the world as evidenced by its current status as one of Amsterdam’s favorite strains.

More about the Marijuana strain Amnesia Haze

Where Does Amnesia Haze Come From?

Amnesia Haze comes to Denver from an extremely powerful lineage that includes some of the best performing landrace strains including Sativas from Jamaica, Hawaii, Thailand, and Cambodia. Afghani Indica and Haze tie it all together to make this cannabinoid packed pot a worldwide delight.

What to look for

The first thing you’ll notice when you’re in the presence of Sativa dominant Amnesia Haze is a mild earthy scent with notes of black pepper, citrus, and pine. That scent grows much stronger once the small popcorn-shaped buds are broken apart with fingers or a grinder, and the aroma can quickly fume up a small room. The pistils are rust colored, shooting out of the light green/yellow flowers that some people mistake as inferior due to their pale color. But greener does not always mean better; This is one of the more fire strains out there.


The Amnesia Haze Experience

The names “amnesia” and “haze” tend to be misleading, bringing up blurred images of a hung-over morning after a long night of overindulgence. Nothing could be further from Amnesia Haze’s energetic, focused and motivating high. The Indica genes creep slowly leading to somebody’s buzz, but not before the Sativa sends you into a hyper-creative thoughtscape. This mental energy makes this a great daytime strain for creative types, philosophers, writers, and musicians. And the smoke itself is smooth, spicy and extremely pleasant

Of course, as the best dispensary in Denver, we have a responsibility to sell only high-quality marijuana to our customers.  Keep an eye on our menu for Amnesia Haze at our two Denver dispensaries located on Colfax and Lincoln.

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