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Fall Marijuana Plant

September 2019 Happenings and Specials

Fall is just around the corner and although we are sad to see the…

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Lake Michigan

High Level Health Opens up Shop in East Tawas, Michigan

East Tawas: A Location of Peace The Opening The state of Michigan, much like…

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Blueberry Cannabis Edibles

Guide to Cannabis Edibles – How much Should you Eat?

When most people think of cannabis, they tend to envision the female plant’s flowers…

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Strain Selection

Another 18 Awards for High Level Health!

High-Level Health has had a very eventful awards season so far and it’s not…

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How to Properly Store Cannabis to Retain Freshness

Get the Most out of your Cannabis Strains Like good whiskey or fine wine,…

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Christian Erfurt

How Cannabis can Help with PTSD

Most people have experienced a situation at some time in their lives that has…

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Cindy Koops

Does Marijuana Help Muscle Growth and Recovery?

Cannabis and Working Out The debate on whether or not cannabis and working out…

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Marijuana Joint

Can you Legally Smoke Marijuana in Public in Colorado?

Can you Smoke Marijuana in Public? Every day we hear the question, “Where can…

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Hemp Oil In A Glass Jar

What is the Difference Between THC, Cannabis, CBD, and Marijuana Oil?

THC oil, cannabis oil, CBD oil, marijuana oil – all come from cannabis. What…

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Microdosing Cannabis

5 Ways Microdosing With Cannabis Will Improve Your Life

Microdosing with cannabis is a trend that is getting quite a bit of traction…

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