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How Marijuana Has Benefited Colorado

We here at High Level Health want to take a minute to talk about the full range of benefits the state of Colorado has seen after just one year of legal cannabis. Since the legalization of recreational cannabis, many facets of the Colorado experience as a whole have been changed for the better. It’s amazing to see the results after just a short time, and we can only imagine what it will do for the state long term! Some of the more notable benefits include:

Tax Revenue

During the 2016-2017 Fiscal year, the state collected 105 million dollars in tax revenue. This is a large sum of money, and it was put back into the state in many ways through the “Marijuana Tax Cash Fund.” this fund contributes to health programs at local middle schools, aids mental health programs in the jails, as well as contributes to housing programs. Over $9.7 million alone was put toward hiring 150 new health professionals in high schools across the state through the signing of the new budget bill by Gov. John Hickenlooper. The tax revenue is helping in many ways, through a separate bill signed $500,000 was earmarked for hiring health professionals to address the opioid epidemic in two different Colorado counties.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

The marijuana industry in Colorado was a $2.4 billion industry in 2015 and created over 18,000 new jobs in one year. It was estimated at one time 1000s of jobs were being created every few months. The supporting businesses such as grow shops, supply shops, and other legal businesses that go along with the dispensaries are creating an endless supply of work for the people of Colorado. The most obvious benefit of this economic growth is that it takes away the black market nature of the marijuana business before legalization. One would assume that the demand has gone up, but in reality, the supply chain and its support structure has just switched over to legitimate business entities vs. the black market grey area the industry used to operate in.

These are just a few benefits the state has experienced in a short time, and we are excited about the future. Do not forget to visit High Level Health for the newest strains and cannabis-infused products. We consider ourselves as the best Colfax dispensary, and one of the best in Denver. We have multiple locations in the Denver area and are probably near where you are. Take a look at our always changing menu, and remember to check out our specials for a great deal.

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