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Gold Label Experience 

High Level Health, the most-awarded cannabis dispensary ever, introduces our top tier, Gold Label flower brand which aims to be the best quality flower offered coupled with the best cannabis experience in all of Colorado. Available at our Lincoln St. dispensary while supplies last.  

Gold Label Experience Cannabis Strains

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This year's most anticipated event is the release of High Level Health's Gold Level Experience. 

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Partners In The Gold Label Experience

Hula Hound

Hula Hound

We are Hula Hound, Denver-based purveyors of continental surf, blending indie rock and funkier jams along with some straight up rockers for your listening pleasure. Consisting of drums, bass, guitar, second guitar/mando and keys, we mix our different tastes and influences together into something that speaks to us and can move the crowd. Each of us lives for music and are blessed to be able to play it together and for the people


iN-TEA is a family-owned business that started in 2008 with big dreams to bring tea and tea knowledge to Colorado. An eclectic tea house in the heart of Historic Downtown Littleton, we feature over 170 teas and blends, tea-infused cocktails, beer, wine, sake, locally produced baked goods, all-natural organic sandwiches, salads, and paninis. We offer tea classes, flights, tastings, community events, open-mic poetry nights, private parties, and a knowledgeable staff.



Toker Poker

Toke It. Pack It. Puff It. Pass It.

We make resin coated lighters and the endless search for paperclips could no longer be the norm. We created the first Toker Pokers in small batches - Macgyvered out of hot glue, bobby pins, and acrylic paint, and we soon realized the convenience we had created.  From then on, we simply couldn’t smoke without a Toker Poker. And you shouldn’t either.


Authentic100 ENT

Stay Authentic

Zino Dope had the vision to create a space for creatives, dreamers, influencers, and artists like you to come together to bring your most authentic selves to life! At Authentic100 ENT, we inspire and empower you to bring the most authentic you possible in a world that needs it most.


Authentic 100 Studios
Smokus Focus Cannabis Jar

Smokus Focus

Top-Shelf Stash Jar

Smokus Focus jars are enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts, retailers, and growers around the world. Our unique combination of high-powered LED lights and magnification yields a top-shelf stash jar of the highest quality, unlike any other on the market.  Smokus Focus has been keeping customers excited and satisfied with our top-shelf cannabis display jars since our inception in 2016.
Our customers include dispensaries, cannabis growers, hydroponic supply stores, distribution companies, smoke shops, cannabis delivery businesses, and many others. Our stash jars’ engaging and forward-thinking designs make them perfect for dispensary displays, packaging, storage, and even trade show promos.


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