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THCa Infused Preroll Review With spring finally upon us after a long, cold, dark winter it’s time to enjoy all the new beginnings that the new season brings us like longer daylight, flowers, and of course, THCa infused prerolled joints from High Level Health, the most awarded dispensary in Colorado and Michigan! Thanks for tuning…

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Cannabis Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates and extracts? As the cannabis industry evolves, rapidly, dispensaries are providing their customers with new and amazing options for consumption, seemingly, daily. No longer do we only need to solely rely on cannabis flower and edibles. Although those are still great options, new and sometimes bizarre methods are bursting onto the…

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Race Fuel OG Sativa

Race Fuel OG Sativa Cannabis Review 2021 is here, so long 2020 it’s time to go, and New Year’s resolutions are still being met, for now! So, how do you super-charge your New Year and keep that momentum going for another eleven and a half months? With Race Fuel OG of course because it’s so…

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Christmas tree

LA Sherbert For The Holidays The holidays are in full swing and it’s your boy Herb Hightower rockin’ around the Christmas tree bringing you the freshest of fresh cannabis flower strain reviews. This time we are getting cozy next to the fireplace with one of the best fire buds I’ve chiefed in a long time,…

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Video games on weed

Armed with my trusty remote control and a bag of High Level Health’s dankest flower, your dude Herb Hightower is going to walk you through the best marijuana strains for an all-out video game marathon. Whether you’re gearing up for a solo Grand Theft Auto rampage or rounding up the crew for some Call of…

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Blue Skunk Strain

Blue Skunk Cannabis Flower What happens when you mix the dankest of blue cheese with blueberries? You get the laidback dynamo chronic, Blue Skunk of course. Herb Hightower here for another Michigan flower strain review and this time we are going to slow it way down for this funky Blue Skunk flower.   Remember back in…

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fall aspen leaves

Cataract Kush Cannabis Strain Review Yo yo yo everybody thanks for stopping by for the next installment of our cannabis flower strain reviews. I’m Herb Hightower and I sample and then review some of the most awarded, most awesome marijuana on earth, grown and distributed by High Level Health. Today, we’re focusing on the neon…

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Making Cannabis-Infused Butter Armed with premium, ground, High Level Health flower and salted butter your dude Herb Hightower is going to walk you through my attempt at making cannabis-infused butter or cannabutter. Herb hit the kitchen hard this week, heard Chef, and knocked out some cannabutter for the first time and what do you know…

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Water Flowing

Flo Cannabis Flower  Herb here floating down the South Platte River in Colorado to deliver another cannabis flower strain review and this time it’s the cool, dark, premium Sativa cannabis named Flo.   Traveling from Chatfield Reservoir just south of the Denver metro area through downtown Denver, the South Platte river provides rafting as a great…

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