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Bringing Home LA Sherbert For The Holidays

LA Sherbert For The Holidays

The holidays are in full swing and it’s your boy Herb Hightower rockin’ around the Christmas tree bringing you the freshest of fresh cannabis flower strain reviews. This time we are getting cozy next to the fireplace with one of the best fire buds I’ve chiefed in a long time, LA Sherbert. 

With relatives coming to visit, friends in town, or just looking to try some new bud, might I suggest LA Sherbert from your local High Level Health Dispensary? This strain is a real tension-reliever and can melt the holiday stress away that comes from gift anxiety, planning, and traveling. So sit back, relax, and grab your holiday crew for a Herb Hightower cannabis review.

L.A. Kush x Sherbet Strain

L.A. Kush x Sherbet Strain

Cannabis Review

Our strain reviews get a little sidetracked sometimes but mainly I try to focus on appearance, smell, taste, and effects of high. So, let’s start with the look and feel! LA Sherbert is a small, squatty bud but don’t let that fool you. This strain is very dense and deep almost like looking through an entire forest in one small nug that you can get lost in. The denseness is mesmerizing and there are so many levels of bud. With a heavy trichome level on top the rest of the bud is mainly made up of shades of green, then orange sprouts, and random purple leaves that don’t look like they belong but just pop up every so often to make for some very cool looking pot.

Because of the pot forest mentioned above, it is not surprising this marijuana strain’s smell is COMPLEX. Once I opened up the push in sides vial I was hit with a sweet, tangerine, blue cheese citrusy aroma. 

Cannabis flower appearance and smell have easily won me over as my favorite part of the review process. It’s amazing how different pot can look and smell but with a clean bowl, tasting pot is also a very rewarding part of the marijuana strain review process. Before lighting the flower I recommend taking a pull of a loaded pipe without fire to get a true sense of what the pot tastes like but again a grimy bowl will kill any chance of taste. For more on how to get your bowl clean check this blog out. Trying this method with LA Sherbert the blue cheese came through without the lighter with a boatload of earthy citrus aftertaste, again such a complex strain. Once I put fire to the nug the taste reminded me exactly of winter. Winter is a weird way to describe the taste but seriously it tastes like winter.  

How Were The Cannabis Effects?

LA Sherbert is a cross between LA Confidential and Sherbert that produces a really strong Indica-Dominant hybrid cannabis. The effects produced a high that put me in tune with the world and quickly released all the stress I had built up from the day. Hybrids like this are cool because they produce a full-body effect meaning they touch both the mind and body where straight Indicas focus on the body and Sativas are geared more towards a head high but oh boy does LA Sherbert hit both. 

With a Max THC of 28%, I’d recommend this pot for when you have friends and family in town for the holidays as a way to relax after all the holiday joy has been spread. This weed is great for changing the mood in a good way and helping you decompress after a busy day. 

Happy Holidays, 

Herb Hightower

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