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Blue Skunk Is Full Of Fall Colors

Blue Skunk Cannabis Flower

What happens when you mix the dankest of blue cheese with blueberries? You get the laidback dynamo chronic, Blue Skunk of course. Herb Hightower here for another Michigan flower strain review and this time we are going to slow it way down for this funky Blue Skunk flower.  

Remember back in the day the NY style pizza places, Sbarro? They stunk, had fake pepperoni and salami hanging from the ceiling, and were crammed into mall food courts. But, the pizza was oh so good. That’s kind of like this stinky strain of long budded, sexy flower when it smells so ripe but puts you in a semi-psychedelic, pepperoni state.

Blue Skunk Strain Review



This strain review will focus on flower appearance, aroma, flavor, and effects of high. Let’s start with the obvious, the aroma. I’m telling you this Lower Peninsula, Michigan pot smells as dank as they get and they probably created the name dank for this strain. The long, not extremely dense nugs I got at the East Tawas dispensary near me were covered in orange and amber hair over the top of forest and neon green leaves. As far as flavor, my hits tasted earthy with some berry, definitely no citrus-like Mimosa, the IPA of weed. 

Blue Skunk’s effects were funny and hit me a little differently than most pot does. About twenty minutes into my high everything slowed way down and I continually found myself needing to refocus which can definitely be a good thing when you need to unwind. With a Max THC set at 27.64, this Indica cannabis passes the strength test for sure. Check out our Tawas, Omer, and Vassar Michigan locations and pick up some fire skunk today!

Fall is in the air and I have a new love for stinky weed.

Dank You, 

Herb Hightower

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