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Blue Dream Will Have You Dreaming For More

Herb Hightower here for another flower strain review continuing the sweet tooth theme set by our reviews of Wedding Cake and Cookie Monster now transition over to a blueberry explosion wrapped into a fascinating flower named Blue Dream!  

As always we’ll focus our strain reviews on flower appearance, smell, taste with and without flame, and effects of high. After opening the Blue Dream canister and selecting my nug of choice I quickly noticed how neon green the cannabis flower was. This pot definitely passes the smell test and I see why it’s called Blue Dream as my first smell of the heavy Sativa, Max THC of 30.98, produces a distinct, sharp almost new car, blueberry smell. By sharp I mean it wakes up your senses. Seriously, I was a little hungry before I partook and this is the closest I’ve come to eating pot, well there was that one time in college when we ate Mexican red hair but that was a different time.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

After my grinder did its work I grabbed my newly cleaned, trusty bowl and packed a freshie. My first hit came before I burned the flower and the flavor matched what I had wanted to eat after the tantalizing canister whiffs. Eager to continue the cannabis culinary affair I put flame to the neon nug and the blueberry trend continued with four hits of Sativa heaven. 

With nothing to do but reflect, I really focused on the effects of the strain and I found myself energized with an amazing head high. Blue Dream left me motivated to conquer the world but I kept having to refocus because I was a little scatterbrained. Any small pains I had experienced from a day on my feet left like a cool sea breeze once this strong Sativa set in.   

I now have a newfound addiction with blueberries and although I’ve held off eating Blue Dream I don’t know how much longer I can, seriously you have to smell this pot.  

Seriously Stoned, 

Herb Hightower

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