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The Award Winning Mimosa – Strain Review

What’s happening everyone, Herb Hightower reporting for duty. Hopefully, everyone isn’t going crazy during this Pandemic but if you are and need some movie suggestions that fit the mood, check out our top 5 Pandemic Movies and the award-winning weed that goes perfectly with those movies. If you’re not going crazy yet then don’t watch those movies because they’ll creep you out! For this strain review, we are going to be focusing on the tooty fruity, Mimosa flower which can now be found at a High Level Health dispensary near you and yes we are open!

Mimosa Drink

Old Herb’s strain reviews always come down to a deep dive on aroma, flower appearance, taste, and effects of high. The aroma was the winner for Mimosa and I was super happy about the citrus packed goodness that explodes every time this pot is unleashed. It reminds me of back in the day when Sunny D was in everyone’s fridge or like a tart, fruity stick of gum. It’s no wonder this bud is packed with citrusy aromas, look at all the orange hairs and glistening white trichomes encircling this flower. An excellent follow-up to the amazing aromas was Mimosa’s flavor as I pulled through a clean glass bowl this freshly ground cannabis. This flower is a treat for the senses all the way around and each hit I took I enjoyed something like tropical island drinks.  

Onto the effects of high and the Max THC number on the canister puts this Connoisseur and High Times Cup award-winner in the middle of the road as far as High Level Health’s chronic potency goes at 26.45%. That was actually an awesome change of pace as my rotation of strains was definitely on the heavier end, see the monster that is Cookie Monster. Now I’ve been toking for years and years and thinking a lot lately about the effects of the high and to some extent, all cannabis claims some pain relief. Mimosa, on the other hand, delivers full pain relief and was the main effect I could pinpoint. Next up would be energy and focus but this Sativa put my back pain to sleep throughout the course of the high. 

Packed with a tropical, citrus-infused, energetic high I decided to bump some reggae and take the island theme to the next level. Mimosa is perfect for a happy day, body high so put that tax return or stimulus check to good use and book an island getaway before the Mimosa buzz wears off! 

Citrusy Infused, 

Herb Hightower

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