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Michigan Marijuana Laws

High Level Health is happy to announce, especially on 4/20, that we will be opening our Vassar and East Tawas Michigan doors to 21 and up, recreational and medical marijuana customers with our Omer, MI location remaining medical for the time being. We are extremely excited about this opportunity to serve the Vassar and East Tawas communities on both a recreational and medical basis.

Michigan recreational cannabis was legalized in November 2018, with recreational sales beginning Dec. 1, 2019. Our Vassar and East Tawas High Level Health locations have been licensed and are rolling out adult-use after confirming regulations and receiving license approvals. 

In Michigan, adults 21 years of age or older, under Proposal 1, are allowed to legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis outside of their residence and up to 10 ounces in their residence. Adults of age may legally possess and cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants in their residence and possess no more than 15 grams of concentrate at any given time.

Under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, medical patients who qualify and are suffering from a state-approved debilitating condition can possess up to 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana and usable marijuana equivalents.

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Possession for recreational use is also limited to 2.5 oz. While recreational cannabis is legal in Michigan, public consumption is illegal in Michigan and it is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. Driving under the influence of marijuana is similar to our Michigan treats a DUI for alcohol. Marijuana consumption is only allowed on private property out of view from the public.

It is legal for qualified patients, caregivers and adults to transport recreational and medical cannabis in Michigan as long as the products are in a sealed and labeled package and in the trunk, or qualifying non-accessible area of the vehicle. Anyone found in violation of transporting rules will be subject to a civil fine up to $250.

Don’t even think about crossing state lines or shipping recreational or medical marijuana from Michigan to other states as it is strictly prohibited and illegal under both Proposal 1 and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. 

Qualifying adults are legally able to cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants in their residence, but under Proposal 1 and the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, no more than 12 plants total are allowed within the home. When growing medically or recreationally, plants must not be visible to the public and grown inside locked, secured and enclosed facilities.

For more Michigan recreational cannabis information please visit Proposal 1 ballot.

For more Michigan medical cannabis information please visit Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

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