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Cookie Monster Cannabis You’ll Want To Gobble Up

Hey everyone, it’s Herb Hightower back in full effect and our last cannabis flower strain review was on the delicious Wedding Cake strain which is super sweet, but cake is not as close to my heart as cookies! This flower strain review is all about the Cookie Monster!  

As with most pot enthusiasts, I once worked in a restaurant. The restaurant in question made batches of cookies by the thousands. Some recipes called for as much as thirty eggs at a time and I once found out why thoroughly mixing a batch of cookies

Cookie Monster

is so important. Old Herb was tasked with making a huge batch of Snickerdoodles and I still had a little buzz from my morning wake and bake. What I produced after baking the Snickerdoodles turned out to be giant flat pancakes of cookies and burnt around the edges. Later I found out my baking soda wasn’t mixed fully and we had to toss the whole batch. As I scraped the pancakes, err cookies, into the trash I could see the chef bumbling something about food cost as he retreated to the sad nook he called an office.

Fast forward to now and as a reminder, with this strain review series, we’ll focus on flower appearance, smell, taste with and without flame, and effects of high. So it goes a little something like this, I smell first, then grind, then smell again, then hit no flame then hit with the flame always with a freshly cleaned bowl. 

Upon first inspection, these buds were heavy and just kept unraveling as I broke up the nug. I have always loved seeing purple on my pot and Cookie Monster was as colorful as it gets.  The best Indica award by Cannabis Cup had me super excited to dive in. So, after I ground this cannabis cookie I packed the bowl halfway and took a hit without flame and I was rewarded with a deep, earthy, naturally rustic flavor as if I can almost taste and smell Bigfoot nearby. Now some will tell you to not inhale but I never liked cigars and I’m too cheap to waste good cannabis so I inhale every time. As I put flame to some of the best Indica around I’m treated to that same forest I tasted earlier but this time Cookie Monster replaces Bigfoot! The earthiness without a flame was still there but now add to that the sweetness of something along the lines of vanilla flavor. 

I always take four hits and I’m picky about it because I want to judge the high against other strains. If the Cannabis Cup ranked this the best Indica based on potency, Max THC of 34.20%, and longevity I have no issues with that. I was totally knocked off my feet by this high and it lasted much longer than other Indicas with surprisingly no munchies. Maybe the Cookie Monster was all I needed to consume or maybe I had another Snickerdoodle fail but when the effects wore off I was done with the day and crashed.

Sincerely Stoned, 

Herb Hightower

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